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The most livable and greenest country in the Americas...

Uruguay is a country distinguished by a landscape of outstanding natural beauty, abundance and variety of game and fish species, and some of the most productive agricultural potential in existence. The land mass of Uruguay is approximately 116,000-square miles. The current population of Uruguay is 3.5 million, but 1.8 million of that population resides in the country’s cosmopolitan capital city of Montevideo. 

Uruguay has a dependable, temperate climate, an expansive rural landscape and ample water resources. Politically, Uruguay has become South America’s poster child for stability and tranquility. With its unique combination of untapped ecological resources and ultra-stable government, Reader´s Digest ranked Uruguay as the “most livable and greenest country” in the Americas.

Uruguay is a country where everything is close, it has an extensive road network that connects every part of the country, with 4 highways that connect with Brazil and 3 international bridges do so with Argentina.

Uruguay has virtually no earthquake or volcano activity and no kidnapping or terrorist activity of any kind. Enhanced by a long standing tradition of democracy and legal stability, Uruguay assures absolute respect for private property rights. Uruguay is regarded as one of the safest countries for investment in South America. Uruguay has been granted the qualification of “investment grade,” by such prestigious companies as British IBCA and the American Duff & Phelps. This demarcation indicates that Uruguay is considered a low risk country for investment. It ranks as one of the top three countries in Latin America for its ability to pay its external debt.  It also has the lowest poverty level in Latin America and the highest life expectancy. It has signed treaties for mutual investment protection with several countries in the world, (U.S. included), and its State policy is to continue promoting and protecting foreign investors, which has grown dramatically over the past years. Last but not least, Uruguayans are famous for their kindness and politeness.  

Uruguay offers unique opportunities in the agribusiness industry. It is one of the most efficient and competitive sectors in Uruguay, contributing to 27% of the country’s gross national product. This gives investors a significant advantage to promote its expansion in a context of higher international demand for food and energy. This view is shared by a large group of international investors who have already made their investments in the agribusiness sector.  International corporations already established in Uruguay include, Bongrain SA, Bunge Ltd, Corn Products Corp., General Mills Inc., Marfrig, Nabisco Holdings Corp., Nestlé SA, Parmalat Finanziaria, PepsiCo Inc., Procter & Gamble, Co., Ralston Purina Co., Sara Lee Corp., William Pitters, Madera & Papel: Kimberly-Clark Corp., Stora Enso Oyj.

Experts believe that now is the best time to invest in Uruguay real estate given the price increases and the low yields offered by alternative investments. In light of this situation, local and foreign investors have expressed growing interest to invest in real estate projects in the region.

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